Pat Kenny-Renaissance Man.

Art. Great stuff isn’t it?
We had some young artists on with their artwork that won prizes for some competition or other.
But really, anything they ever come up with will never be as good as this masterpiece:

A Masterpiece.

Beautiful, ain’t it?

Also on the show, it finally happened.
I made a joke. And people legitimately laughed.

It all started when we had that John McCririck race pundit guy on.
He made a crack about me having lots of money to spend.
And then I said, “Maybe soon I won’t have so much” to which people applauded.

It’s funny because I’m being sued!

But I’m not worried about my neighbour suing me over this land deal.
“Why?” you may ask.

Is it because I could take him in a fight? No.

Is it because I could buy and sell his ass? No.

Is it because I told the judge that if he doesn’t rule in my favour, I’ll send a half-naked John McCririck round to his place?

John and I discussed it, but no.

I’m not worried because things could always be worse.
I could be Ryan Tubridy for instance.

Or Pat Spillane’s kids.
He doesn’t let them have any fun at all. He was talking there about how he doesn’t let his kids get drunk on a Saturday night. Due to of all the other people out that are full with gallons of Fat-Frogs and Vodka and Red Bull drinks.

Taking advantages of kids younger than them.

Fighting with policemen.

Streaking and urinating in public places.

Namely me and me buddies. It’s not a Saturday night until you see Gerry Ryan tuck his balls between his legs and start dancing.


1 Response to “Pat Kenny-Renaissance Man.”

  1. 1 pat falkenstern April 16, 2008 at 2:52 am

    i agree with pat i grew up in a small town in the west we had a great life nnow when i visit home the noise and fighting on the street on saturday nights is so frightning there are over 50 guards in my town they are not on the streets they do not deal with the pubs who serve under age drinkers they have to be aware of the these pubs i have called the police about the pub on my street and have been made to feel that i am a pain in the a–e. only to find out that this pub was operating without a lisence for a long time.why are the police ignoring these pubs who are breaking the law .I know that people hate to call the police because of our culture.but until the public stand up and have the courage to report these pubs and insist that the guards do their jobs the average town is a battle- is up to the public to insist on a safe place so stand up and have courage .to be a coward is easy.

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