Where Does A General Keep His Armies?

Up his sleevies!!!

Get it?

Coming November 2008 – The Pat Kenny Jokebook.

I hope this goes better than my last literary venture – “DIY with Pat Kenny“. The book was critically derided. The less said about the chapter on landscaping your gardens, the better. So many lawsuits…

The reviewers did seem to find humour in the chapter on carpentry though. I’ll never understand why…

Anyways, we had a big hoo-ha on Friday night about the Irish Peacekeeping soldiers heading off to Chad.

I didn’t even know there was a place called Chad. You could see my confusion for the first half of the interview. I thought they had something to do with those Florida hanging things that made the 2000 US Presidential Elections such a bother.

Good thing I didn’t say something like “Make sure they’re hung properly”. That would have been a major embarrassment.

Speaking of major embarrassments to the country, the guys off that TV travel show How Low Can You Go? were on. Only kidding, I love them really. (That joke won’t be in the book, don’t worry.)

They really inspired what my plans are for the summer. I’m going to head across America in a camper van just like they did. Me, the missus and a gay guy. Or even just Gay Byrne. I don’t know yet.

…Avoiding the innuendo joke about people and giving their organs…and here we go.

Later on, we had a segment about organ donation. Possibly bad timing considering we only just had some people on about going to fight in the army. “Go on peacekeeping missions. If you die, donate your organs”

It was the worst pairing of segments since we followed a discussion about paedophilia with a song from Boyzone…


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