This Land Is Your Land…

…This land is my land…La La La La La, It’s full of old sand….

I forget how the rest of that song goes. It probably doesn’t mention court settlements anyway.

So, yes. For those that didn’t see the news, I settled the whole court dispute that I had with my neighbour, Gerry Charlton, over that area of land we both claimed to own.

I won, just so you know.

All I have to do is just to pay the 2.3 million euro that the area of land costs.

And pay off my legal fees.

And allow Gerry to appear on the Late Late Show.

Where he will burst onstage and throw a pie in my face…

Before mooning me.

And I have to buy him a pony.

Victory is Mine!

That guy in the back looks freaky.

That’s me there after the settlement, talking to a bunch of robot penises.

It’s such a relief to get the whole debacle out of the way now.

At least things were kept peaceful, and the land will be kept in pristine state.

Big Celebration party this weekend on Gorse Hill!



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