Grearraajimininiminimininiminja to you all.

So that was a great show on Friday night. We had a tribute to the legendary Ronnie Drew. So legendary that he warrants a half hour slot on the show. After that we have to make way for a bunch of feminist comediennes.

I use the phrase “Comedienne” loosely. I’ve seen funnier things in the RTE’s comedy writers department. And they don’t wear masks.

(They should though, they’re butt ugly.)

Anyhow, back to Ronnie and his Irish Music Mafia. You don’t want to get on the wrong side of that gang. Especially their Godfather: Don Ronnie. He got Bono and Shane McGowan to flush my head down a toilet during an ad-break. Just because I started a rendition of “The Auld Triangle” in a wrong key.

Damien Dempsey also gave me a nipple-twister. But that was because I made fun of the way he says “Belligerent”. It was worth it.
The bunch of them were so rowdy that the Cappuccino Fryer Monks that we had in afterwards nearly got into a fight with them. But the monks managed to keep the peace.

They told me about how they worked in Moyross. I wanted to stay out of that conversation. (I’m not Anti-County Limerick, honestly.) They ended up giving Ronnie a blessing while he went to take a piss. Which was nice.

The monks were also telling me about their motto “No Bling, No Ring, No Boss”

I have a similar one: “No Fat Chicks”

Later, we had the Pope himself on the show.

Brent Pope. (See what i did there?) He was talking about his children’s books about sunburnt whales. (Kids will read any crap, eh?) He was also saying how he has had them translated into different languages.

I bet he doesn’t have them in Kennyish. That’s a language I invented. It’s basically the same as English, but instead of saying “Hello”,”Yes” or “No”, you say “Grearraajimininiminimininiminja”. It makes for interesting conversations.

Unfortunately, I’m the only one who speaks it.

To myself. Alone.


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