Guns Don’t Kill People, People That Have Guns Do. Duh.

Have a look at what some gee-bag wrote:


I hate to admit this, but this is kind of half true.

Firstly, I am not a bastard. I know who my parents are.

Pity the same can’t be said for my (unfortunately named) cousin Kenny Kenny, however.

He’s always been a bit of a weird one too. I mean seriously, what kind of guy has 5 nipples?

Secondly, I will admit. I am Anti-Limerick.

I honestly cannot stand those poems. They’re so stupid.

Like this one someone sent as a text message to the radio show:

There once was a man named Pat.

But many people called him a twat.

They pulled out a gun,

And then had some fun,

But he put it away before somebody got hurt.

However, people in County Limerick, Ireland, think that I have a problem with them.

Ever since “The Moyross Incident“.

I was presenting a show down there one evening, when afterwards, I met some local youths who were fans of the popular television show 24. They were very bulky kids. But that was due to them wearing bullet-proof vests underneath their clothes. Except for one kid. He was just fat.

I made the mistake of asking what was he packing. When he pulled out a semi-automatic broom-handle Mauser. Those things have a terrible recoil upwards of a distance of, if I’m not mistaken, 100 yards. After that, it’s all over the shop. (Watching all those James Bond films really pays off).

Afterwards, anyhow, the lot of us went on a drive-around as they showed me all the sights Limerick has to offer. It was tremendous fun. We’re still keep in touch to this day.

So there you have it. I don’t hate the county of Limerick. Or the city. It’s all good.

Well, except for the stabbings. People aught to come to Dublin. It’s a lot safer, apparently.

I don’t know for sure. That’s just what my researchers tell me.


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