So.Who.Am I?

Well. That is a very good question. Let me fill you in with one of those bullet point list questionnaires. Like the many ones that are seen on Bebop,MyPlaice, or Facehook.

— Name: Pat Methuselah Kenny.

— Birth date: January 29 1948. Yes. I am a healthy six decades old. (Botox and tummy tucks,people. They’re brilliant.)

— Address: Dublin. I’m not saying any more, as i don’t want any stalkers around my mansion in Dalkey.

— Family: I was briefly married in 1969 to Dana. But that was annulled when she ran over me in our Mercedes. I met my present wife, Patricia, in 1971, and we’ve been married ever since. I have 3 wonderful kids. And 2 not so wonderful. Yup, 5 kids. I’m such a stud, aren’t i?

— Job: Currently i work in RTE. Well, i say work. Really, i down 3 shots of sambuca and someone switches on a microphone. It seems to work out well. Except for that time I stripped bollock-naked in the studio in the middle of a show. And me, just about to interview Cecilia Ahern. Luckily, I put a pair of jocks on and she said nothing.

If only it had been the radio show and not the Late Late….

Writing my blog, duh.

I’m a big music fan. I love all kinds of music that my researchers tell me to play. I especially like those up-and-coming Irish bands like The Lorentos and Bell Eleven.

I’m also a sporty guy. I like to go kickboxing every now and again. You don’t want to back me in a corner, let me tell you. I’ll come at you like a spider-monkey.

I’m also a great runner. I can run 100 metres in less than 15 seconds. Which is helpful when i leave a burning bag of dog poo at Eamon Dunphy’s house and then ring the doorbell. You aught to see it. He falls for it every time!

–What do I Look Like? Well:


I am the sex.


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