Good Evening and Welcome.

I have a terrific blog for you now tonight. From my own life, we have various things that happened to me. From the news that’s going on right now, we have my musings on that. And from “You’re a Star” we have an interview with Linda Martin & Brendan O Connor.

But first, a competition.

To win a free voicemail greeting from yours truly, just answer this question.

What did that guy who invaded the Late Late show call me?

A) An Insufferable Arsehole

B) Plank

C) Jerry Seinfield.

Text the word TODAY followed by your answer to 51551.

Or alternatively give me some money. They don’t pay enough at RTE. I mean, really. How is someone supposed to live on 900k a year in Celtic Tiger Dublin? That’s peanuts.


1 Response to “Good Evening and Welcome.”

  1. 1 Mr WordPress February 1, 2008 at 11:46 pm

    Hi, this is a comment.I love you pat. I want your kids.

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